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The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy.
Prepare for June 3 primary

Local Candidate Forums April 23

See Proposition 41 & 42 on the June 3 ballot and Pros and Cons

California State Easy Voter Guide

Understanding Elections: Primaries 101



LWVUS Action Alert: Support EPA's Limits on Carbon Pollution
Deadline extended

The EPA has extended the deadline for public comments for the proposed federal carbon pollution standard for every new power plant built in America. This is a game changer for the climate + especially because power plants are our single largest source of carbon pollution. The new deadline is May 9, 2014. Submit a public comment to the EPA in support of the standard and your voice will be part of the official record.

LWVUS has recently issued two Action Alerts: Support a new bill to restore the Voting Rights Act; and support the EPA's proposed limits on carbon pollution. See page 5 of the February Channel Voter for more details.

Agriculture Study

Updating Agriculture Position

The LWVUS -- including LWVSB -- is reviewing and updating the Agriculture Position. We are hosting three important events. Our February Community Forum is "How Can Farm Policy Make Us Healthy?" See details in the Channel Voter. This forum is free and open to the public. The March discussion Units are devoted to the Agricultural Update. They are free and open to the public. For dates, consult the Calendar. The study will conclude with a member consensus meeting in April.

View the Consensus Study Pages.

For some background information take a look at the Suggested Summer Readings and optional multimedia resources To join our local study committee, let us know at